Thermal weed burning equipment has come a long way over the last two decades, modern burners utilise cutting edge technology with a mounted control panel. Electronic ignition, gas flow control, flame failure and emergency cut off coming as standard. 
The Vanhoucke range of weed burners are very efficient, with clever burner technology providing the right mix of propane and pre heated oxygen for a clean effective burn. Keeping the heat where it is needed, under the canopy and not escaping is achieved via insulation, fans and baffles. 
Weed burning has traditionally not involved much science, just expose weeds to as much heat as possible and hope they die. The Vanhoucke burners change this with an electronic thermometers feeding back the temperature both from under the canopy and on the top of the bed immediately behind the burner. 
The hydraulic fan’s speed are controlled from the control panel, it allows the operator to adjust fan speed with the tractor’s travelling speed to get the optimum combination for complete weed kill and minimising gas consumption. 
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